Animal Inside Out

The only picture I was allowed to take from the current exhibition at the Natural History Museum, Animal Inside Out (Adapted from Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds).

I really enjoyed this exhibition, there was enough information presented to you without being overwhelming. This allowed the animals themselves, aswell as their anatomy, to be appreciated as well as the science behind the preservation.

I had a few favourite bits, one being the plasticised slices of a giraffe, as well as the plasticised cross sections hung on the walls,  the large mammals, such as the bull and elephant was very impressive. As was the shark and horse blood vessel display, though the idea of injecting vessels with a resin is not a new one it illustrated the intricate details of the animal’s anatomy perfectly.

The Gaurdian have a little teaser … {link}…

I wish the book had more content in, it just did not do the actual exhibition justice… However an amazing exhibition…

{Offical link}


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