Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is a sweet little museum celebrating Sir Author Conan Doyle’s character.

I have wanted to go to The Sherlock Holmes Museum for a while now so it was an exciting visit for me. When I got there however I was a little underwhelmed and I did not take the museum very seriously as there were mannequins everywhere which made the museum look a little gimmicky at points. There was a lack of information that annoyed me and sometimes the exhibits were JUST objects in a room that I had no connection or interaction with. This was not helped by the fact that you were not allowed to touch anything except for the two chairs in the consulting room where you could pose for a picture. As Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character it would be very difficult to recreate a realistic environment however the museum did stumble at some points.

The museum, despite its flaws, did create a ‘Sherlockian’ environment with correct period details and there were some nice trinkets around the house that pointed to particular cases. There was also a lovely detail towards the end, it was a collection of letters written to Sherlock Holmes by various children.

Being a fan I do feel that it was worth a visit, though prehaps not worth a second; this is because there was something missing, something to complete the experience, I am not quite sure what it was but the lack of it disappointed me.


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