Paper Marbling {Experiment}

“Paper marbling is a method of aqueous surface design, which can produce patterns similar to smooth marble or other stone…” – Wikipedia


I remember making a book in primary school where the front and back cover were marbled, I also remember absolutely loving the whole marbling experience. So recently I tried to do just that, except this time I never had the correct ink  so I used nail polish as a substitute.

Using the method shown above, but instead of your nail I used some paper I created these little marbling samples…. Still haven’t thought of a use for them though…

The Results…

2013-02-19 22.12.21

The black polish was a little old, so it didn’t work so well…

2013-02-19 22.12.42

My favourite one – I think Pink Diamond worked really well on this sample…

2013-02-19 22.12.57

The nail polish created lumps on all the samples…


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