Super Glittery Notebook

I always carry some sort of notebook around with me just incase I get an idea or need to write/draw something. I know in this day and age it seems strange because of the heavy reliance on mobile devices, but I like the freedom and physicality pen and paper has. As a result of my notes and scribbles I need to get a new notebook every now and then, and this one is especially adorable; I found it on sale at Paperchase. I don’t imagine it will last as long as my old Muji one but I couldn’t resit its glittery cuteness…

photo 1

photo 2


6 thoughts on “Super Glittery Notebook

  1. aw, this is so cute!
    I know what you mean about feeling awkward carrying a notebook around with all the smartphone apps people use now, but I prefer having a sketchbook with me all the time:)
    I really want this notebook!:)

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