Good & Proper

“At Good & Proper we focus on just one thing – really, really good tea. And in our 1974 Citroen H van, we want to bring cups of it to the streets of London. We’ve spent the last year tasting teas from farms around the world, always on the look out for something distinctive that could stand up on its own without blending or flavouring. Jealous of our coffee-junkie friends and the shiny, steamy espresso  machines that create their daily fix, we also wanted to bring some theatre to your morning cuppa, so instead of throwing a teabag into a cup, scorching it and sending you on your way, we custom brew your tea to time and temperature, meaning you get your brew just the way it should be.

Oh and we also do crumpets…big, yummy square ones with all kinds of buttery, sweet and savoury toppings.”Emilie Holmes

Photo 08-12-2012 11 04 08

Good & Proper is run by the lovely Emilie Holmes and her passion for tea.  I saw her Citroen van at Kings Cross and was instantly curious as to what teas she sold. Long story short – I love her teas, well most of them… Not the seaweedy ones. My favourite is the Darjeeling, however Emilie has a variety of tea for you to choose from and if you are stuck, she will help you.

The aesthetics she has chosen for her van is absolutely perfect and she offers great personal service with conversation and homemade goodies to compliment your deliciously fresh cup of tea.


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