Extinction: Not the End of the World?

What is ‘Extinction: Not the End of the World?’

This highly topical exhibition takes us beyond dodos and dinosaurs to explore the crucial role extinction can play in the evolution of life.‘ – NHM

This exhibition explores the many aspects of extinction the visitors are given the opportunity to learn about the  major extinction events as well as looking at  how extinction can be reversed and how scientists know so much about extinction.

This exhibition takes about 45 minutes to go through and runs through from the 8 February to the 8 September 2013 and is located in the Jerwood Gallery, Blue Zone (near Dinosaurs gallery exit).


I really really liked this exhibition. Unfortunately I was pressed for time as I had booked my David Bowie Is... tickets. I hope I get the chance to go again…

It was clear, interactive and well laid out – The information was clearly presented through concise text or beautiful infographics. When I looked at the exhibition book in the gift shop the infographics seemed to be missing – It was such a shame. I would have otherwise brought it…

The interaction between the victors and space was great as there was thought provoking questions that made you questions your perceptions on extinction. There was even some sort of multi-player game (I didn’t get a chance to play it).

The topic itself I think is really interesting. At first glance extinction is perceived to be a very bad thing; however if you think about the development of the ecosystem and of human life it would not have been possible without extinction. So is it that bad? I don’t think so; it’s only a negative process when we [humans] attach positive human emotions to the thing that is dying e.g. many species of birds in the UK.


More information
Exhibition Highlights


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