The Hunterian Museum

What is The Hunterian Museum?

‘The museum houses one of the oldest collections of anatomical, pathological and zoological specimens in the UK and is based on the items assembled by John Hunter, surgeon and anatomist (1728-1793). The collection comprises more than 3,500 anatomical and pathological preparations, fossils, paintings and drawings and also includes specimens donated by Edward Jenner and Sir Joseph Banks. Exhibits include the skeleton of the 7ft 7in tall ‘Irish giant’ Charles Byrne, a collection of surgical instruments dating from the seventeenth century, carbolic sprays used by Lister, the pioneer of antiseptic surgery…’ – Time Out

The Hunterian Museum is located inside The Royal College of Surgeons of England and houses an incredible collection of anatomical, pathological and zoological specimens. It is free entry and it is amazing…

The museum is split over two floors with specimens on the bottom and the history of surgery on the second. The artefacts are displayed in large glass displays with clear explanations next to them – Recorded information is available for the visitors. The displays get changed every now and then and hidden specimens replace previously displayed ones.


This is one of my most favourite places ever – I am surprised I never posted something about it before.

I found it whilst I was studying in the Holborn area; I had been given a leaflet about the Museum Mile in which The Hunterian Museum was catalogued in.

I have visited it on many occasions and attended an interesting talk on the subject of false teeth. My favourite specimen is the skeleton of Charles Byrne and the collection of surgical equipment; but most of all it is the wax anatomical model by Joseph Towne.

Though I haven’t said much about The Hunterian Museum it is because there is so much. It is so worth the visit.


More information
Museum Mile


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