FINAL-WITH-LOGO-2I went to the Design Museum One Off event on Friday the 26 July, which was curated by Double Decker. It was an interesting evening and in the future I hope to go to more of these types of events. Here are a few images from my evening:

photo 3

On entry there were some screen printing facilities (Wicked Printing Stuff). There was a live demonstration of screen printing and little factory line of bags being printed.

photo 4

The bags had iconic designs being printed on them and were complimentary with the One Off event.
I got the pink tote pictured 🙂

photo 2

The event allowed access to all three exhibitions but the focus was on the most recent exhibition The Future is Here.

photo 5

The exhibition looks at a new way of manufacturing that not longer relies on mass manufacture and enable customisation for little or no additional cost. The Makie Doll were used as an example,

photo 1

There was also a talk and Q&A by three RCA graduates who use 3D printing for their work in very diffent ways. This is a sample of one of the graduates (I forgot her name now…)


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