Extraordinary Stories about Ordinary Things

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What is Extraordinary Stories about Ordinary Things?

Discover key designs that have shaped the modern world and be inspired by this fascinating exhibition of memorable objects from the Design Museum Collection.’ – The Design Museum

This exhibition is part of the museums permanent collection of contemporary design; it looks at the extraordinary qualities in the everyday objects and how everyday life and society has changed as a result. The large room is separated into six categories:
Mater!als & Processes
!dentity & Des!gn
Why we Collect!


The exhibition space is  nice and spacious though the layout toward the back confused me a little. The objects are lovingly displayed on simple ply wood structures that are unobtrusive. The information on display is helpful and there is even some designer profiles on more influential designers.

There is a great variety of products and my favorite section was the !con section as it allowed truly everyday objects to be fully appreciated with some background material and context such as drawings and photographs to give the object in question an in depth story.

Extraordinary Stories about Ordinary Things is on until the 04 January 2015. Advance booking is essential.

Entry fees apply and concessions are available.


Space & Layout:

Objects & Artefacts:


Information & Content:



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