Gifts Ideas for a Magical Girl

With the holiday season coming up I thought that this would be a great opportunity to make a post on possible gift idea for  the magical in your life or perhaps a little self-indulgent treat.

Kawaii Magical Girl Gift Ideas Background credit [x]

Lets start off the list with a Sailor Moon phone case, this is a perfectly cute and practical gift released this year in conjunction with the re-release of Sailor Moon sometime next year. I chose this design as pop-art style and strong bold graphics featuring a selection of henshin items would be suitable for any Sailor Moon fan.

What magical girl would be complete without a companion? Unfortunately we can’t take our pets wherever we go so for that reason I selected a super cute laser cut cat ring. In pink of course… The design of the ring enables the wearer to layer up the ring; So should you with to have a cat wearing a bow as a ring it is easily done with this product.

Following on from the cat theme the next gift idea is Paul & Joe Sugar & Spice Make Up Collection. It is an entire makeup set with lovely graphics in true Paul & Joe style.

I came across this ever so girly gift on a visit to Body Shop; it is The Sparkler, this product provides a  ‘fine dusting of enchanting sparkles’ (Body Shop). A fine  Japanese Cherry Blossom scented iridescent shimmer in a sweet atomiser. This idea is more of a self-indulgent gift but would nevertheless make a nice gift because, who doesn’t like glitter?

If the previous gift was too subdued and you want to increase the glitter intensity why not try this Models Own super pink Magenta Divine Glitter nail polish? It is a great one-coat glitter polish that transforms your natural nails into the super kawaii!

What did you think of this list? If you have any ideas or suggestion please leave them in the comments below.

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