The Young Dürer: Drawing the Figure

What is the The Young Dürer: Drawing the Figure?

Don’t miss your chance to see outstanding early works by Dürer as well as rare drawings and prints by his contemporaries, many of which have never been seen in the United Kingdom.’ – The Courtauld Gallery

This exhibition at The Courtauld Gallery explores Albrecht Dürer’s art during the years of 1490 to 1496, where he was travelled widely throughout Europe looking at the new influences around him and allowing experimenting with his art until he was able to reinvent his own artistic approach.

Dürer’s work during this time featured a lot of early figure drawing which he completed when he was in his early twenties, many of which are quite rare. During these journeyman years the study of Dürer’s own body influenced the artistic approach he chose to adopt.

This is a focused art exhibition that shows the progress of Dürer’s work and style over a brief period of his life. The space dedicated to the exhibition is well laid out and the middle space is utilised well as it display Dürer’s drawing back to back on free standing displays. At the end of the exhibition there is a small extension that looks at the work of Dürer’s precursors and contemporaries.

The Young Dürer: Drawing the Figure is at the Courtauld Gallery until 12 January 2014
Admission fee applies, see website for more details


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