Victoriana: The Art of Revival

From the macabre to the quaint, the sensational to the surreal, ‘Victoriana: The Art of Revival’ is the first ever exhibition in the UK to offer a major examination of Victorian revivalism in all its forms.’ – Guildhall Art Gallery

Victoriana: The Art of Revival showcases work of artists from the last twenty years who have been inspired by the 19th century. The 19th century was an era of industrial revolution, exploration and social change, these aspect led to a great development in society and as a result great art and design can be found from that period.

This exhibition features work in the form of contemporary graphic design, film and photography as well as fine art, ceramics, taxidermy, furniture and textiles. The multi-media art on display shows how potent the influence from the Victorian age was and still is.

The variety of this exhibition is not its only attraction, there are a list of great artists who were featured such as Grayson Perry, Rob Ryan, Kitty Valentine and Jake and Dinos Chapman.

The subject matter of Victoriana: The Art of Revival could not be trendier and the space accommodates well for all the exhibits, this exhibition even houses a little dark room, which is sort of creepy. The only downfall would be the book which accompanies the exhibition as I feel it did not live up to the standard of the exhibition as it felt a bit patchy

I really wanted to see this exhibition twice but alas I never got the chance, it is nonetheless going to be regarded as one of the best exhibitions of 2013


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