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So I thought I would start an Etsy shop one day, I was never quite sure for what but I had a sweet little idea and it worked in my head so I decided to test it out in real life. Continue reading


Cute Cupcake Icing Nail Tutorial


You will need: A base coat (Essie, All in One Base), a top coat (Essie, Good to Go), a light pink (Essie, Fiji), a dark pink (Leighton Denny, Berry Nice) and a glitter (NYC, Lights-Camera-Glitter).


i) Apply a base coat. ii) Using a dotting tool or whatever you have at hand, create a dripped icing effect downwards from the tip of your nail. Alternate the colours.


iii) Once you have created an alternate pattern on both hands let the polish dry.


iv) Apply the glitter polish to the coloured areas of your nail and let it dry.


v) To finish apply your top coat and let it dry.

Not sure about credit for this image....

April 2013 {Pictures}

Nail art

This month I gave myself an ice cream inspired manicure….


I went to the London Film Museum…{x}

photo 5

I went to Somerset House and saw the Picasso exhibition…{x}


I saw the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A… {x}


I went to the Natural History Museum and visited the Extinction exhibition…

photo 2

I also went to the Design Museum and saw the exhibition Design of the Year 2013


I made a corner heart bookmark or two…{x}


I went to the British Library to see the mini exhibition on crime fiction…{x}

photo 1

I brought some skin care items I ran out of…{x}

2013-04-03 20.29.45

I drank tea in Flower Cellars…{x}


And finally ate some cute cupcakes…

Flower Cellars

“Coffee Shop in the heart of Covent Garden, London Film Museum”Flower Cellars

Located in the far corner of the London Film Museum, Covent Garden, lives a huge coffee shop. The vast space is well laid out with plenty of places to sit. The classic brown sofa and large storage chests (Used as a table in this case) are brought to life with emerald cushions and vintage style board games. There are also the typical sort of chairs and table you’d expect to see, they also fit in well with the decor.

I haven’t tried their coffee however their tea section is good, combined with the location, environment and friendliness of staff  I would say this is a lovely place to be if you  are in the Covent Garden area.

2013-04-03 20.34.11

2013-04-03 20.29.45

I have been twice and on both occasion ordered the jasmine green tea. It’s lovely, though it can get quite bitter if you leave it too long…

2013-04-08 12.31.08

The entrance to Flower Cellars

2013-04-08 12.42.21

Amusements and board games for the visitors…

2013-04-08 12.40.10

Super comfy and spacious layout.