BDA Dental Museum

What is the BDA Dental Museum?

The museum is based in the British Dental Association headquarters in central London and is open to everyone. From 19th century dental floss to toothache cures, clockwork drills to toothpaste adverts, there is more to discover than you might imagine.’ – BDA

This museum opened in 1919 after Lilian Lindsay became the first qualified female dentist in the UK, she had donated her old dental equipment to the BDA starting the museum.

The museum was opened to the public in 1967 when the BDA moved premises. The entire collection itself is 30.000 strong and is now partly on show, the artefacts on display include a collection of tooth brushes, an exquisite dental chair dating for the early 20th century, a dentists tool box, and anatomical models used for teaching.


This museum would be perfect for a nice lunch break visit, the staff were very helpful and knowledgable and museum is generally quite self-explanatory. The large print information clearly on display, however the labeling for the individual items was not as clear.

The exhibition space is  small but nice,with a cabinet outside dedicated to Lilian Lindsay. The space was not over crowded and was neatly organised showing a good range of artefacts.

Admission free. Open Tuesdays and Thursdays 1pm–4pm


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