July & August 2013

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Went to the Design Museum’s One Off event [x]

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Briefly looked through the latest exhibition, The Future is Here….

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Read Pure by Andrew Miller

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Went on a little holiday…

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Drank some BB Detox tea by Kusmi Tea

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Got my new ArtsPass…


Went to Ropewalk Market [x]


June 2013 {Pictures}


June was such a busy month – Most of it was taken up with my degree show.

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I think this was part of the graphic degree show…

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When I did go out I went to see Propaganda: Power and Persuasion at the British Library.

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As well as Souzou: Outsider Art from Japan at the Wellcome Collection (Just in time too!)

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I also acidently came across The Bartlett Summer Show 2013 at UCL.

May 2013 {Pictures}

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This month has been quite uneventful in terms of going out. Most of my time was spent at university trying to finish my degree… (Picture taken of fountains in front of uni).


I went to Clerkenwell Design Week…

The Great Gatsby

I went to see The Great Gatsby in the cinema. That was fun.

Candy Cupcakes

I went to Candy Cupcakes – A super cute cupcake shop in Covent Garden. It was cute.


At the end of the month I had a chance to go to the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising. [x]

Design of the Year 2013

What is Design of the Year 2013?

‘The Designs of the Year awards, ‘The Oscars of the design world’ showcase the most innovative and imaginative designs from around the world, over the past year, spanning seven categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Furniture, Graphics, Transport and Product. Category winners and the overall winner will be decided by a jury and announced on 16 April 2013.’ – Design Museum

This exhibition is held every year and shows the best designs that year. The seven categories allows for a wide variety of artefacts and products to be displayed and also to be considered fort he award.


I was glad I went to this exhibition, though it wasn’t my favourite. As a design student I found it really informative but then again I don’t really like design exhibitions… Though saying that it was inspiring to see the changes that design can make to society. Design of the Year 2013 section on social design was amazing as the designers featured in that section worked with the less able and created innovative inclusive solutions.

The exhibition was broken into sections which were labelled well and explained clearly however the awkward layout of the space meant that it didn’t always correspond to the products on display properly. There was no clear direction in which to enter and the walk around the space wasn’t intuitive enough, as I found myself going back and forth a few time to look at the displayed products.

There were about eighty products on display but it felt like a lot less – There was a really good variety of products and other artefacts. My favourites include the magazine Gentlewoman, the Bauhaus Exhibition at the Barbican and a music player that emulates the motion of a record as opposed to a sliding motion (This is achieved through sheets of card that somehow play the music).

I also wanted to see the other exhibition that is currently on display but that part of the museum was hired by a school. So I unfortunately never got a chance to see the other half of the museum…


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