Sunday Links

1. What To Do With Your E-Mails…When You Die
Grim but interesting…

2. 101 ways to get Pretty Organized
Some really cute ideas.

3. Bird Feeders
DIY bird feeders, no waste and it sounds fun.

4.USB Typewriter
I really like this design but it is so expensive…

5. Drawing of Usagi (Sailor Moon)



LEGO Birds

Kingsley Kingfisher

This is something I saw a while ago, however I never had the chance to post it… {link}. Thomas Poulsom has created these almost life-sized LEGO birds. The following link will provide more information as well as direct you on how to support his work so that can hopefully be made into official LEGO sets…{link}

“I find birds a great subject to build with LEGO and I really enjoy matching the different colours and creating the different features of our beautiful feathered friends. “ – Thomas Poulsom