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Since graduating I have had much more time on my hands. As a result (also as a consequence of a need for a job) I decided to become more socially active online, from this I aim to build up my network as well as an online presence. So here are my other online outlets:

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Sunday Links

1. The Beauty Department
A really cute beauty blog with lovely use of graphics.

2. The Bramah Museum
This could be a really good or really bad museum to visit… It is dedicated to tea and coffee.

3.Kawaii!: Japan’s Culture of Cute
I think I want this book…

4.Tarina Tarentino
The jewelry on this site is just so cute!

5.Teddy Has An Operation

Sunday Links

1.John Keats on “Negative Capability,” Embracing Uncertainty, and Celebrating the Mysterious
Another article from Brain Pickings – This time on John Keats (See also my post on Keats House)

2. The Graphics Fairy – New Layout!
A super blog with great resources. I can spend hours on this site.

3. Miyuuki Hime
A super cute blog. Check it out…

4. Moo
Moo print business cards, postcards, stickers and more. I just got some cards printed there and the service was great. Thanks Moo!

5. Sailor Moon Brooch – Fanmade
This is just soooooo pretty ❤