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Since graduating I have had much more time on my hands. As a result (also as a consequence of a need for a job) I decided to become more socially active online, from this I aim to build up my network as well as an online presence. So here are my other online outlets:

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Sunday Links

1.John Keats on “Negative Capability,” Embracing Uncertainty, and Celebrating the Mysterious
Another article from Brain Pickings – This time on John Keats (See also my post on Keats House)

2. The Graphics Fairy – New Layout!
A super blog with great resources. I can spend hours on this site.

3. Miyuuki Hime
A super cute blog. Check it out…

4. Moo
Moo print business cards, postcards, stickers and more. I just got some cards printed there and the service was great. Thanks Moo!

5. Sailor Moon Brooch – Fanmade
This is just soooooo pretty ❤