Colour Pallete 12

12AnatomyCredit [x]

Something different… A grey scale palette inspired by Horst Kiechle’s paper torso which was featured on my Sunday Links a few weeks back – Every time I look at this it amazes me.


Colour Pallete 10

10JapModelCredit [x]

This weeks colour palette uses a photo of Minori. She is a japanese model and shironuri artist.


Colour Pallete 09

09HeartBiscuitColourCredit [x]

Oh they are so cute. I bet they taste good too~


Sunday Links

1. Ciate Colour Picker
A great way to see all the colours on different skin tones.

2. The Great Gatsby Chart
I love everything about this and I want it…

3. How to Make a Doctor Who Cake?
Just wow…

4. Barbie Revisited
A normal looking Barbie? I done honestly see it changing any time soon.

5. Just Can’t Reach!
This is so amusing…



Colour Pallete 08

08AdventureTimeColour(Credit: ???)

Adventure Time is like the best show ever…


Colour Pallete 07

(Credit: Image)

The Blood of a Pomegranate by  Stephen Mackey
It’s not a very summery colour palette but I thought it was quite pretty. It is different to my usual colour choices for sure.