Colour Pallete 06


(Credit: Image)


Sunday Links

1. Lovely & Company
They sell beautiful furniture… And I want it all….

2.Models for Decision Making
A very informative post…

3. This Incredibly Cool Chromatic Typewriter Types Out Art
Very very cool…

4. Cute Fuzzy Rilakkuma Rings
An absolutely darling on an idea.

5. The Cigarette Duet by Princess Chelsea
Great song that came from a very ordinary statistic…


Sunday Links

1. Adelle
My new theme. I like the simplicity, but it I need to add some more personal touches.

2. Sailor Moon Inspired Colours
Sailor Moon colours palettes created from eyeshadow palettes, I thought that was a lovely idea.

3. I Used to Be a Design Student
‘Personal history by tracing the creative evolution of influential designers…’ – Brain Pickings

4. The Truth About Colours
This is a Tumblr site that is filled with the loveliest colour palettes…

5. The Little Mermaid by Macoto Takahashi
The Little Mermaid saving the prince before he breaks her heart.