Gifts Ideas for a Magical Girl

With the holiday season coming up I thought that this would be a great opportunity to make a post on possible gift idea for  the magical in your life or perhaps a little self-indulgent treat.

Kawaii Magical Girl Gift Ideas Background credit [x]

Lets start off the list with a Sailor Moon phone case, this is a perfectly cute and practical gift released this year in conjunction with the re-release of Sailor Moon sometime next year. I chose this design as pop-art style and strong bold graphics featuring a selection of henshin items would be suitable for any Sailor Moon fan.

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♡ Sailor Moon iPhone Cases ♡

With the recent re-release of Sailor Moon expected at the end of this year there is so much merchandise around, other than the  official Sailor Moon cosmetics a series of jewelry and other apparel has been released for pre-order. My favourite and most useful type of merchandise is the humble phone case, as it can turn your boring old iPhone into something more reflective of you. Here are my five favourite cases. Please visit Moon Kitty where the rest of the phone cases and other merchandise is listed.

My personal favourite is the first one as I like the visual arrangement of the henshin items, the pop art style makes the case super cute and contemporary.

PhonecasesBackground credit [x]
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CocoPPa – Let’s make the cutest home screen in the world♪ [App]

♪ Let’s make the cutest home screen in the world ♪


Limited Edition 1 year anniversary set – Credit [x]


My current wallpaper – Also part of the anniversary set.

CocoPPa is an app that allows you to customise your iphone icons (these are made by creating shortcuts) and wallpaper. The material and content on this site are submitted by user’s of this app (via the app or online).

I found this app a while ago when I was looking for some cute iphone app wallpapers. I really like this app as there is so much scope in editing your screen. I found that the navigation of the app needed a bit of time to get used to and the adverts on the top bother me a little (however it is a free app).

CocoPPa is a super sweet app that makes the standard iphone screen a distant memory. It is a fun app to get and play around with thousands of icons you can mix and match with your wallpaper.

I used to think that becoming an adult was boring……{Quote}

“I used to think that becoming an adult was boring… Then I saw quite a few shining adults. They were enjoying working; they were creating stuff as kids were having fun. Then I thought maybe it is fun to be an adult.” Kumamiki, Party Baby

Kumamiki is a young Japanese fashion designer and ower of Party Baby. I got this quote from a short film made about her and Party Baby before her first ever fashion show. Below is the YT interview and here is a more information on the interview.