Victoriana: The Art of Revival

From the macabre to the quaint, the sensational to the surreal, ‘Victoriana: The Art of Revival’ is the first ever exhibition in the UK to offer a major examination of Victorian revivalism in all its forms.’ – Guildhall Art Gallery

Victoriana: The Art of Revival showcases work of artists from the last twenty years who have been inspired by the 19th century. The 19th century was an era of industrial revolution, exploration and social change, these aspect led to a great development in society and as a result great art and design can be found from that period. Continue reading


I used to think that becoming an adult was boring……{Quote}

“I used to think that becoming an adult was boring… Then I saw quite a few shining adults. They were enjoying working; they were creating stuff as kids were having fun. Then I thought maybe it is fun to be an adult.” Kumamiki, Party Baby

Kumamiki is a young Japanese fashion designer and ower of Party Baby. I got this quote from a short film made about her and Party Baby before her first ever fashion show. Below is the YT interview and here is a more information on the interview.


FINAL-WITH-LOGO-2I went to the Design Museum One Off event on Friday the 26 July, which was curated by Double Decker. It was an interesting evening and in the future I hope to go to more of these types of events. Here are a few images from my evening:

photo 3

On entry there were some screen printing facilities (Wicked Printing Stuff). There was a live demonstration of screen printing and little factory line of bags being printed.

photo 4

The bags had iconic designs being printed on them and were complimentary with the One Off event.
I got the pink tote pictured 🙂

photo 2

The event allowed access to all three exhibitions but the focus was on the most recent exhibition The Future is Here.

photo 5

The exhibition looks at a new way of manufacturing that not longer relies on mass manufacture and enable customisation for little or no additional cost. The Makie Doll were used as an example,

photo 1

There was also a talk and Q&A by three RCA graduates who use 3D printing for their work in very diffent ways. This is a sample of one of the graduates (I forgot her name now…)

June 2013 {Pictures}


June was such a busy month – Most of it was taken up with my degree show.

photo 2

I think this was part of the graphic degree show…

photo 3

When I did go out I went to see Propaganda: Power and Persuasion at the British Library.

photo 1

As well as Souzou: Outsider Art from Japan at the Wellcome Collection (Just in time too!)

photo 4

I also acidently came across The Bartlett Summer Show 2013 at UCL.