The Best TV of 2013 [Part 1]

One of my favourite pastimes is watching TV, I love the feeling of being engrossed in a story so here I have made a list of what programmes did and did not capture my interest this year.

There may be a few spoilers so be warned.

Firstly I would like to say that The Day of The Doctor is near… In fact this Saturday.

Day of the DoctorImage credit [x]

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Sunday Links

1. Ciate Colour Picker
A great way to see all the colours on different skin tones.

2. The Great Gatsby Chart
I love everything about this and I want it…

3. How to Make a Doctor Who Cake?
Just wow…

4. Barbie Revisited
A normal looking Barbie? I done honestly see it changing any time soon.

5. Just Can’t Reach!
This is so amusing…



Sunday Links

1. Matt Smith to Leave Doctor Who
Why? I hope I like the new doctor…

2. Are expensive moisturisers worth the money?
I think they are…

3. New Sailor Moon Make Up Compact!!!
I have never wanted anything in my life more than I want this ❤

4. The True History Of Doughnuts: An American Classic
Something informative and yummy…

5. Cat Attack!
Mind blowing… ❤