The Nail Polish Quiz by La Belle

I found this tag on a blog I follow and thought I would do it myself.

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1. What nail polish are you wearing right now?
None at the moment…

2. What’s your favourite nail polish colour?
Anything pink really.

3. How many nail polishes do you have in your collection that you’ve never used?
I have used all the polished I have brought at least once.

4. How often do you buy nail polish?
Whenever I feel like a change or I run out of my essential polishes such as a base or top coat.

5. Name a nail polish you love, but you don’t wear?
Nails Inc. in Carnaby Street – I love this bold colour so much but alas it doesn’t suit me.

6. Any nail polishes you always take off after an hour?

7. How often do you change your nail polish?
Whenever I get bored or it begins to look bad.

8. Favourite nail polish brands?

9. Most disappointing nail polish you’ve tried?
Essie’s Mount Fuji – I hate the texture of the polish so much but the colour is so lovely.

10. Most expensive nail polish you own?
Leighton Denny – Pink Plush

11. Cheapest nail polish you own?
A black colour from Superdrug, I think the brand is 2true.

12. Have you got a whole nail polish collection?
No, I prefer to get colours I like then collections

13. Do you/ can you do nail art?
Yes, simple designs.

14. How do you store your nail polish?
In a box vanity case organised by brand.

15. How many nail polishes do you own?
About 15-20

16. Nail polish brands you want to try?
None in particular but maybe China Glaze or Chanel,

17. Do you use a base coat/ top coat?
Yes, all the time.

18. Nude, black, or French manicure?

19. Currently at the top of my nail-polish-wishlist…?
Any of Essie’s Luxeffects

20. All time favourite nail polish(es)?
Essie – My Place or Yours


Cute Cupcake Icing Nail Tutorial


You will need: A base coat (Essie, All in One Base), a top coat (Essie, Good to Go), a light pink (Essie, Fiji), a dark pink (Leighton Denny, Berry Nice) and a glitter (NYC, Lights-Camera-Glitter).


i) Apply a base coat. ii) Using a dotting tool or whatever you have at hand, create a dripped icing effect downwards from the tip of your nail. Alternate the colours.


iii) Once you have created an alternate pattern on both hands let the polish dry.


iv) Apply the glitter polish to the coloured areas of your nail and let it dry.


v) To finish apply your top coat and let it dry.

Not sure about credit for this image....