June 2013 {Pictures}


June was such a busy month – Most of it was taken up with my degree show.

photo 2

I think this was part of the graphic degree show…

photo 3

When I did go out I went to see Propaganda: Power and Persuasion at the British Library.

photo 1

As well as Souzou: Outsider Art from Japan at the Wellcome Collection (Just in time too!)

photo 4

I also acidently came across The Bartlett Summer Show 2013 at UCL.


Happy Birthday Thomas Chippendale!

chipgoogIt’s Thomas Chippendale’s 295th birthday today.

I have always love antique furniture and I used to read books and watch tv on the subject. I really loved the details Thomas Chippendale put into his work so when I saw this on Google I had to post it. Plus the graphics is so cute.

Sunday Links

1.John Keats on “Negative Capability,” Embracing Uncertainty, and Celebrating the Mysterious
Another article from Brain Pickings – This time on John Keats (See also my post on Keats House)

2. The Graphics Fairy – New Layout!
A super blog with great resources. I can spend hours on this site.

3. Miyuuki Hime
A super cute blog. Check it out…

4. Moo
Moo print business cards, postcards, stickers and more. I just got some cards printed there and the service was great. Thanks Moo!

5. Sailor Moon Brooch – Fanmade
This is just soooooo pretty ❤

Sunday Links


1.diy project: valentine book collection
I think these are really pretty…

2. Minimalist Posters Showcasing Philosophical Doctrines
These are really interesting, I think Utilitarianism might be my favourite…

3. Don’t Blink!
Another pattern I intend on using, once I use up all my old yarn…

4. My personality type
Found this out via the YT link below.

An informative YT video on the Myers Briggs personality test.

My favourite Blogs…

Here are some of my favourite blogs around…

1.Pugly Pixel

Katrina keeps up the most amazing blog ever.
Pugly Pixel contains a variety of graphics, layouts and tutorials (A lot of them are free). This is one of the most inspirational blogs for me, mainly because it is so simple yet filled with creativity.

2.Starlight Deco Dreams

Candy has a sweet blog with a really cute deco-stlye layout. The main reason I follow this blog is because she makes these laser cut versions of magical girl items (I especially love the Sailor Moon ones…)

3. Graphics Fairy

An amazing blog for all sorts of vintage images that can be used for scrapbooks and other graphics. I really want to use this site more often.