What The Cute?


So I thought I would start an Etsy shop one day, I was never quite sure for what but I had a sweet little idea and it worked in my head so I decided to test it out in real life. Continue reading



What is bookartbookshop?

‘bookartbookshop features the publications of some of Britain’s best-known artist presses and publishers of artists’ books, as well as books from abroad. The shop is a centre and a service for individual & institutional collectors, artists, publishers and the aesthetically and bibliographically curious…’ – bookartbookshop




bookartbookshop is humble little shop that is centred around  an interesting concept, art solely in the medium of book. Artists can sell their work in a practical, affordable and endearing way. Many of these books are hand-made and sold in batches, some even being pat of a series. This will definitely be a shop I will visit when I can just because it is so unique.