Shifting Your Brain

Here is a TEDx talk on changing the way we enhance our brains as a form of enhancement. This reminded me of the SUPERHUMAN exhbition I went to…



SUPERHUMAN looks at human enhancement since the 600 BCE to 2050. It challenges our perceptions of enhancement, for example the humble glasses; it helps those with weaker sight to have near-perfect vision and has been around for so long we hardly think anything of it. Also think of the iphone, a classic example of how a brand and technology combined has quickly become the norm and a must to have any advantage in life. Other case studies in this exhibition include the famous Icarus who flew too close to the sun, the poor children who were victims of Thalidomide and superheroes such as Ironman.

The theme of heroes is an interesting one as they are portrayed as the ultimate humans. Charlotte Jarvis created a short film exploring the lengths some may take to enhance themselves. This fictional film is a dark reminder of how what seems to be an innocent act can go badly wrong.

This is one of the best free exhibitions I have seen as it was comprehensive it covered a variety of mediums and opinions not to mention challenged the way we think about the object and products we use on a daily basis.

SUPERHUMAN is currently showing at the Wellcome Collection until October the 16th.
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