Unico was created by Tezuka with the orignal manga running from November 1976 to March 1979 – it has since developed into three films and a learning tool for children.

Set in mythological ancient Greece the story is of a young unicorn who has magical powers to help those who love him. This causes trouble with the Greek gods and Unico has to leave and start a new life with no memory of the past.

I first came across this charming white furred and  pink maned character when browsing through Tumblr. I eventually found out who and what Unico is and I ended up watching two of the three films.

I really enjoyed the films and the character is great, though I don’t think Unico’s character would fit in todays day and age – Just because it seems too naive and old-fashioned. though saying that there were some serious lessons to be learnt from the films. I also have a fondness for anime from the 1980’s and unicorns so this was great…

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The Fantastic Adventure of Unico

Unico in the Island of Magic